World Gone Crazy Band



World Gone Crazy ROCKS today’s new for laughs! Launched 5 years ago for lovers of stand-up comedy and live rock & roll song parodies – there is simply no other comedy show like World Gone Crazy…period!

Now one part original (Gary Marino), 2 parts inevitable (Will E. Focker & Joe Long) and one part adorable (Monica Saviolakis) – it’s loyal following continues to grow as it tours resorts, casinos, special events and fundraisers.

What is World Gone Crazy Comedy Band? Why it’s the “new & different” show you have been looking for!

The side-splitting show skewers today’s current events and issues with rapid fire song parodies, stand-up comedy, hysterical impressions, audience interaction and commercial spoofs. Think of it as a rock & roll version of Saturday Night Live or The Capital Steps or a comedic version of Bare Naked Ladies! If you love live music, stand-up comedy and therapy ALL performed by 4 talented and extremely funny comedic personalities – World Gone Crazy is the show for you!

Led by Boston entertainment producer and drummer Gary “Sticky Foot” Marino – 2014’s “Substitution Mass Confusion Tour” saw the addition of Monica Saviolakis – the first female lead vocalist to grace the WGC stage –and multi-talented singer, impressionist and guitarist Joe Long is a longtime performer who is only just beginning to discover his comic brilliance. Killer keyboardist Will E. Focker (meaning he’s a great keyboard player not an actual killer) is a repeat offender back for yet another tour of WGC duty.

Special guests and stand up comedians all tend to show up on World Gone Crazy’s stage – you never know who will join the party!

Past Tours:

2011 “Yoko Wrecked It” Tour

2012 “Occupy Everywhere” Tour

2013 “Over Every Cliff” Tour

2014 “Substitution Mass Confusion” Tour

2015  “Audacity Of Everything” Tour