Dr. Carmella Sebastian



Introducing the “Wellness Whisperer” Dr. Carm

drcarmCarmella Sebastian, MD, MS, or “Dr. Carm,” as she likes to be called, has a passion for educating people about living a healthier life.

The Wellness Whisperer Workshops showcase Dr. Carm: author, humorist, media spokeswoman, healthcare executive, and wellness physician as she educates and entertains participants by offering simple, practical changes that anyone can incorporate into their life.

Workshop Topics:

A nationally known wellness educator and speaker, Dr. Carm is widely admired for her straightforward talk and sense of humor and for offering all in her audience practical, achievable wellness strategies and solutions. A member of the National Speaker’s Association, Dr. Carm frequently speaks on a range of wellness issues. She has a special interest in women at mid-life and women’s wellness, two topics she often blogs about for Vibrant Nation. In addition, she has more than 15 years experience developing and implementing worksite wellness programs and over 20 years as a top level healthcare industry leader. Dr. Carm is happy to customize the workshop to best fit the needs of your event and time constraints. To see some of Dr. Carm’s past speaking engagements and topics, visit her speaker page at http://www.drcarm.com/ speaking-engagements/.

Workshop titles include but are not limited to:

Your Healthiest Year Ever

How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Reach Your Wellness Potential

A Physician’s Guide to Surviving Menopause

Sex as Medicine: The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

The Power of Sleep

Wellness: It’s a Family Affair

Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Wellness/Business topics:

A Woman in a Man’s World: How to Survive and Thrive in a Male-dominated

Wellness is a Business Issue

The ROI of Wellness

Managed Care 101

The Future of Healthcare

Patient Centered Medical Homes

Accountable Care Organizations

How to Survive (and Thrive) with the ACA (Accountable Care Act)


“Five Habits that will make you healthier, happier and more successful at work!”
for Syniverse Technologies.
“Dr. Sebastian recently provided a lecture to our employees on the topic of health and wellness. It was informative, upbeat and very interactive. What makes Dr. Sebastian’s style of presenting so wonderful, is her way of engaging with the audience and bring real life situations into the equation. It make each topic “relatable.” When you can do that, it allows an individual to self-reflect much easier than when they are simply being lectured to.” Many participants responded following her presentation with: ‘She was extremely informative and entertaining.’ ‘Dr. Sebastian was a great person to be able to relate to and I appreciated her sense of humor on a serious topic.’ ‘I loved her, when is she coming back and what else can she speak on.'”

Deann Marasco, Wellness Adminstrator Syniverse Technology

“Pacing and Leading to Good Health”
for the YMCA of the First Coast.
“You are a gifted, talented presenter. So much laughter and joy. Lots of buzz on our floor today about your presentation and performance. Thank you so much for joining us and celebrating our collective good work. It was marvelous that you could stay the day. Very meaningful to our team.”

George Babish
Senior Vice President for Organizational Advancement
YMCA of the First Coast

“Navigating Health Risk: Worksite Wellness Overview”
for PRIMA: The Public Risk Management Association of South Florida.
“Dr. Sebastian grabs the audience from “Hello!” She is engaging, witty and informative. Her presentation provides the tools needed to move your wellness program forward to the next level. We received so many
positive comments from our group of attendees, but the ultimate compliment was when we were asked ‘How can we get Dr. Carm to present at our conference next year?’”
Ed Beecher
Risk Manager
City of Pompano Beach and
Treasurer of
PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association South Florida Chapter)

Media Experience

Dr. Carm is often quoted in health and wellness articles in the country’s top newspapers, magazines and websites. She has been interviewed on television news programs and radio shows as a top medical expert. She is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated lifestyle show Daytime, which airs in more than 200 markets nationwide. Her expertise has been featured in the Tampa Bay Times, First for Women, Prevention.com, Woman’s Day.com, Yahoo! Health, Clean Eating, Marketwatch, and more.

Visit www.drcarm.com/news-events to see some of her media coverage or visit her You Tube channel for a complete view of her television appearances: http://www.youtube.com/DrCarmSebastian.

Some topics Dr. Carm has covered in the media include:

The latest research about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Allergy Remedies

The bad news about Soda

The Five Superfoods

Myths about Sex after 40

Diabetes Prevention

Hormone Balance

Weight Control

Media Recommendation:

“Dr. Carmella Sebastian has been a guest on Daytime for the past year. After her first appearance on the show it became very apparent that we needed to have her back as soon as possible. She has come on the show to discuss everything from curbing a beer belly to diabetes awareness. Her segments are always knowledgeable, informative, intelligent, and entertaining. Recently, we had Dr. Mehmet Oz from “The Dr. Oz Show” as a guest. Dr. Carm immediately came to my mind to accompany him in a segment as one of our regular doctors. If you are looking for a doctor that can hold her own in the television arena, look no further than Dr. Carm.”
– Deanna George, producer of the nationally syndicated talk show Daytime

Born and raised in Pittston, Pennsylvania, Dr. Carm graduated from the Medical College of Pennsylvania with an M.D. Dr. Carm earned her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from King’s College in Pennsylvania and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She was in active clinical practice before joining Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she was VP of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer. She served as Market Medical Officer with Humana for Central and North Florida and joined Florida Blue in 2010. Dr. Carm is a renowned expert in workplace wellness and enjoys WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) certification. At Florida Blue, she oversees the NCQAaccredited wellness program, Better You from Blue, and manages over 100 client consultations per year.


Dr. Carm is the author of “Sex and Spaghetti Sauce: My Italian Mother’s recipe for getting Healthy and Getting Busy in your 50s and Beyond”, which was released in early 2013.

Dr. Carm lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two daughters, ongoing (and somewhat reluctant) beneficiaries of her wellness wisdom. For more information, visit www.drcarm.com