Sauce n’ Cheese


Sauce-n-cheeseBest known as the guitarist and drummer from the hysterical WORLD GONE CRAZY COMEDY BAND – Joe Long and Gary Marino began performing as a duo in 2014 as “Sauce-nCheese” hosting comedy shows, fundraisers, cruises and resort shows. Which one is sauce and which one cheese? They’ll never tell! But they do perform stand up, popular song parodies and impressions from the side-splitting World Gone Crazy Show as well fake commercials and even a mis-heard lyrics contest where audience members can win CD’s & Tee Shirts!


Joe Long is an accomplished touring musician who recently released his first solo CD  entitled The Lonely Boneyard. “This is a reference to his former career in IT – not his late night porn habits” says his sidekick Marino with a laugh. Marino himself has had a colorful career in comedy, radio, TV and film making and has made national appearances on ABC’s “Live With Regis & Kelly” FOX News and “Million Calorie March: The Movie”.  Add a little “Sauce –n- Cheese” to your next comedy show!

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