Family Friendly Entertainment


At Harmon Marino LIVE we specialize in resorts…so naturally we’ve assembled a stable of wonderful entertainers and shows suitable for the family audiences.


movie stunt campMove over, Bruce Lee—Movie Stunt Camp is back! Presenting MOVIE STUNT CAMP for Kids! An interactive, fun program for children of all ages

Be the Star In You Own Movie!   This a super fun workshop will show kids how movie stunt fighting can look real. Kids have a blast learning how to do a “movie punch” or “movie kick” and how to react to make it seem real for the camera.   Just like in the movies, kids get to choreograph, practice and perform their own fight scene. (Parents are welcome to watch and “film” the scene). Of course, safety is key. All kids are carefully instructed on how to work with their partner in a way that is safe and fun.

The workshop is led by 8th degree Black Belt Steve DiOrio, who has performed as a fight stuntman in movies and runs movie stunt camps on the Northshore.

No previous experience is required!

This program is great exercise, will build reaction skills and some formalized fighting skills, and is a lot of FUN!

No previous martial arts experience required. For this program, the ability to follow directions, work in a team/collaborative environment, provide and receive constructive feedback, and play in a non-threatening and safe way is required.


Evan Pic #1There are tricksters, and then there are magicians. Evan Northrup takes a background in traditional illusion and infuses it with contemporary creativity.

At the age of 15, Evan took to the streets for a trial-by-fire education in live performance… and failed spectacularly. After earning a few dollars in pennies and nickels, he was determined to improve. The years that followed took him through four countries, presenting thousands of street performances, to eventually earning his stripes. Moving off the sidewalks, Evan now performs in a host of indoor venues, entertaining at weddings, corporate get-togethers, private parties and special events.

From reimagining traditional magic to envisioning and fashioning original pieces of impossibility, Evan Northrup puts a refreshingly modern spin on the true classics of magic.


JuliePoluza Pic 1Juliepoluza: Music & Movement! really does have something for the whole family! Live music, storytelling, games and comedy all for family friendly audience’s including lots of crowd interaction! Think “Schoolhouse Rock” meets your actual favorite rock songs! With tunes like “American Smartypants” adapted from the similarly named Green Day hit, plus classic interactive kid’s songs like “Skinnamarkinky Dinky Dink” and memorable ditties from your summer camp days, both parents and children alike will be moving and grooving, dancing and learning through song and movement.”

About JULIE:

Julie has been teaching kids and adults alike how to play music and play WITH music for 12 years. She teaches private lessons, runs a music/theater summer camp for teens, and has worked as the lead music specialist for several prestigious programs including the Cambridge Montessori School and Arlington Center for the a Arts. When she is not teaching music she is writing music and performing with her Boston based, pop-motown band, The Dirty Dottys, which was recently nominated for several awards from The New England Music Awards and Spotlight magazine including Best New Pop Artists and Song of the Year.


Bryson LangBryson Lang has entertained thousands around the world with his creative, high-energy, family-friendly Comedy – Juggling act. His versatility as an entertainer has put him in hotel-casino shows, night clubs, corporate events, comedy clubs and theaters as well colleges, festivals and events overseas. Bryson’s show combines technical juggling skills with original comedy into a unique and unforgettable act. His audiences will see a likable, energetic personality performing captivating routines that mix audience participation, comedy, ball bouncing and spinning, flying hats, fire-juggling, giant beach balls, improv, glo-in-the-dark objects, and always a few surprises.

A World traveler, Bryson has performed in many countries including: Iceland, Bosnia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Canada, the U.K and all across the U.S.

In Television, Bryson was interviewed on a History Channel special, performed on two seasons of the, ”Masters of Illusion” series, won first place on the “Extreme Gong Show”, and his skills were seen on the TV shows, “Charmed” and “That 70’s Show”.

In Film, Bryson has appeared in, “Austin Powers II” and “Batman and Robin”, starred in the independent film, “The Boogeyman’s Birthday”, and he has been a featured act at Corporate Events for Disney, Toyota, Marriott, Major League Baseball, and Farmer’s Insurance, to name a few.

For a dazzling display of comedy, dexterity, personality and a touch of the bizarre, Bryson Lang is, The Cure For the Common Show!


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