“It could have been a perfectly good life.””The Raging Parent” is nothing less than hysterical.
Brian Powers, aka The Raging Parent™, is a nationally recognized stand-up comic (A&E, Comedy Central and Showtime) whose act has always dealt with the comedic ironies of raising kids, being married and getting old. In Raging Parent™, he focuses his attention on finding the humor and meaning in being a parent as the kids grow from infants to adults (whatever that means!).Consider this one man comedy show your own personal therapy! The Raging Parent is perfect for school fundraisers, PTA’s, and corporate events dealing with kids or parenting.

As The Boston Herald states, “…Brian Powers regaled the audience with tales about a blue collar guy adjusting to mid-life, middle-class suburbia…” The Boston Globe writes that, “…the audience was coaxed into chortles …as Brian Powers takes a blue-collar-ish look at life’s myriad confusions… and possesses uncanny timing…” and The Patriot Ledger adds, “…his tales sparked howling recognition from the crowd…”
Brian Powers’ “The Raging Parent” is brought to you exclusively by Harmon-Marino